[Mac] Civilization V - Campaign Edition v1.2.2


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  • Civilization V - Campaign Edition v1.2.2

    Sid Meier’s Civilization V Mac: Game of the Year Edition is the fifth offering in the multi-award winning Civilization turn-based strategy game series. As with earlier installments in the series, Civilization V features the famous “just one more turn” addictive gameplay that has made it one of the greatest game series of all time. In addition to this it also features improved diplomacy, new ranged combat over a hex oriented board rather than squares, an in-game community hub facilitating improved online play and more. Included in the updated Game of the Year base version of the original Civ V game is over $40 in bonus and digital content.

    Link for more information: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app…edition/id439924718?mt=12

    Pre-cracked with all DLC unlocked courtesy of C.O.R.E!

    Languages: English, French, German

    Now updated with Retina display support and on sale for a limited time to celebrate Mountain Lion!

    Don't miss the in-app purchase, Sid Meier’s Civilization® V: Gods and Kings, the first expansion for Civilization V – the Mac App Game of the Year. This robust expansion covers the entire scope of time from founding your first Pantheon of the Gods and spreading religion across the world, to deploying your spies in other civilizations in order to steal information and technology.

    Civilization V: Campaign Edition brings all the features and functionality of the single-player campaign to the Mac App Store. Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization from the dawn of man into the space age: Wage war, conduct diplomacy, discover new technologies, go head-to-head with some of history’s greatest leaders and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

    Civilization V: Campaign Edition includes the following DLC for free. Babylon Civilization Pack, and their ruler Nebuchadnezzar II, as well as the Mongols Civilization and Scenario Pack.


    * Integrated video chipsets are not supported
    GMA 950: Mac Mini(2006,2007), iMac(2006), Macbook(2006,2007)
    GMA X3100: Macbook(2007,2008), MacBook Air(2008)
    Intel HD Graphics 3000

    * DLC purchase requires OSX 10.7 (Lion)

    * Civilization V Campaign Edition does not utilize Steam for encryption and will not work with Steam Civilization V DLC.

    * Civilization V Campaign Edition supports only LAN Multiplayer and does not include achievements

    In order to run the game with satisfactory performance, your Mac must meet these minimum system requirements:
    2.4 GHz CPU Speed | 2 GB RAM | 6.0 GB free disk space | (ATI): Radeon 2600; (NVidia): GeForce 8600 | 256 MB VRam

    Supported Video cards:
    NVIDIA GeForce 8600, 8800, 9600, GT 120, 320M, 330M
    ATI Radeon HD 2600, HD 3870, HD 4670, HD 4850, HD 5670, HD 5750, HD 5770, HD 5870, HD 6750

    Recommended System Requirements:
    CPU Speed: 2.6 GHz | Memory: 4 GB or higher | Video RAM: 512 MB