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  • Star Wars - Top 100 Audiobooks englisch

    The 100 Best Star Wars Books Of All Time

    Almost as long as there have been Star Wars movies, there have been Star Wars books. They began shortly after the films debuted in the late 1970s, and scores have been written in the years since, with a huge cluster of them in the mid-’90s, creating a masterful web of expanded universe content.

    Unfortunately it’s content that Disney has mostly left behind once they took over the Star Wars franchise. Everything before 2014 is now considered Star Wars Legends, which still exist as great stories, but are no longer considered canonical. This has upset a great many fans, but Disney wanted to be free to create their own post-Return of the Jedi stories on their own.

    And yet the books still exist, and they are still worth reading, as are some of the new ones that have debuted since Disney took over, even if it’s a new era entirely. (As ever, always start with the first book in each series.) Here are the best book series in Star Wars history.



    /Root/Star Wars

    001-Tales Of The Jedi[Tales Of The Jedi Book 1]\

    002-Dark Lords Of The Sith[Tales Of The Jedi Book 2]\

    003-Cloak of Deception\

    004-Shadow Hunter\

    005-Phantom Menace\

    006-Rogue Planet\

    007-Outbound Flight\

    008-The Way of the Apprentice[Jedi Queset Book 1]\

    009-The Trial of the Jedi[Jedi Quest Book 2]\

    010-The Dangerous Games[Jedi Quest Book 3]\

    011-The Master of Disguise[Jedi Quest Book 4]\

    012-The Approaching Storm\

    013-Attack Of The Clones\


    015-The Cestus Deception\

    016-Battle Surgeons[Medstar Book 1]\

    017-Jedi Healer[Medstar Book 2]\

    018-Jedi Trial\

    019-Dark Rendezvous\

    020-The Clone Wars\

    021-Wild Space[The Clone Wars Book 2]\

    022-No Prisoners[The Clone Wars Book 3]\

    023-Labyrinth Of Evil\

    024-Revenge Of The Sith\

    025-The Rise Of Darth Vader\

    026-Paradise Snare[Han Solo Trilogy Book 1]\

    027-The Hutt Gambit[Han Solo Trilogy Book 2]\

    028-Rebel Dawn[Han Solo Trilogy Book 3]\

    029-The Force Unleashed\

    030-Soldier For The Empire[Dark Forces Trilogy Book 1]\

    031-Death Troopers\

    032-A New Hope\

    033- We Dont Do Weddings[Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina Book 1]\

    034- Nightlily [Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina Book 2]\

    035- Hammertong[Tales From The Mos Eisley Cantina Book 3]\

    036-Rebel Mission To Ord Mantell\

    037-The Empire Strikes Back\

    038-Shadow Of The Empire\

    039-Return Of The Jedi\

    040-Rebel Agent[Dark Forces Trilogy Book 2]\

    041-The Mandalorian Armor[Bounty Hunter Wars Book 1]\

    042-Slave Ship[Bounty Hunter Wars Book 2]\

    043-Hard Merchandise[Bounty Hunter Wars Book 3]\

    044-The Truce At Bakura\

    045-Rogue Squadron[X-Wing Book 1]\

    046-Wedge's Gamble[X-Wing Book 2]\

    047-The Krytos Trap[X-Wing Book 3]\

    048-The Bacta War[X-Wing Book 4]\

    049-Wraith Squadron[X-Wing Book 5]\

    050-Iron Fist[X-Wing Book 6]\

    051-Solo Command[X-Wing Book 7]\

    052-The Courtship Of Princess Leia'\

    053-Jedi Knight[Dark Forces Trilogy Book 3]\

    054-Tatooine Ghost\

    055-Heir to the Empire[The Thrawn Trilogy Book 1]\

    056-Dark Force Rising[The Thrawn Trilogy Book 2]\

    057-The Last Command[The Thrawn Trilogy Book 3]\

    058-Isard's Revenge[X-Wing Book 8]\

    059-Dark Empire I[Dark Empire Book 1]\

    060-Dark Empire II[Dark Empire Book 2]\

    061-Empire's End[Dark Empire Book 3]\

    062-Crimson Empire\

    063-Jedi Search[The Jedi Academy Trilogy Book 1]\

    064-Dark Apprentice[The Jedi Academy Trilogy Book 2]\

    065-Champions Of The Force[The Jedi Academy Trilogy Book 3]\

    066-I, Jedi\

    067-Children Of The Jedi[Callista Trilogy Book 1]\

    068-Darksaber[Callista Trilogy Book 2]\

    069-Planet of Twilight[Callista Trilogy Book 3]\

    070-Starfighters Of Adumar[X-Wing Book 9]\

    071-The Crystal Star\

    072-Before The Storm[The Black Fleet Crisis Book 1]\

    073-Shield Of Lies[The Black Fleet Crisis Book 2]\

    074-Tyrant's Test[The Black Fleet Crisis Book 3]\

    075-New Rebellion\

    076-Ambush At Corellia[The Corellian Trilogy Book 1]\

    077-Assault At Selonia[The Corellian Trilogy Book 2]\

    078-Showdown At Centerpoint[The Corellian Trilogy Book 3]\

    079-Specter Of The Past[The Thrawn Duologuy Book 1]\

    080-Vision Of The Future[The Thrawn Duologuy Book 2]\

    081- survivor's quest\

    082-Vector Prime[The New Jedi Order Book 1]\

    083-Onslaught[The New Jedi Order Book 2]\

    084-Ruin[The New Jedi Order Book 3]\

    085-Hero's Trial[The New Jedi Order Book 4]\

    086-Jedi Eclipse[The New Jedi Order Book 5]\

    087-Balance Point[New Jedi Order Book 6]\

    088-Conquest[The New Jedi Order Book 7]\

    089-Rebirth[The New Jedi Order Book 8]\

    090-Star by Star[The New Jedi Order Book 9]\

    091-Dark Journey[The New Jedi Order Book 10]\

    092-Rebel Dream[The New Jedi Order Book 11]\

    093-Rebel Stand[The New Jedi Order Book 12]\

    094-Traitor[The New Jedi Order Book 13]\

    095-Destiny's Way[The New Jedi Order Book 14]\

    096-Remnant[The New Jedi Order Book 15]\

    097-Refugee[The New Jedi Order Book 16]\

    098-Reunion[The New Jedi Order Book 17]\

    099-The Final Prophecy[The New Jedi Order Book 18]\

    100-The Unifying Force[The New Jedi Order Book 19]\

    101-The Joiner King[Dark Nest Book 1]\

    102-The Unseen Queen[Dark Nest Book 2]\

    103-The Swarm War[Dark Nest Book 3]\

    104-Betrayal[Legacy Of The Force Book 1]\

    105-Bloodlines[Legacy Of The Force Book 2]\

    106-Tempest[Legacy Of The Force Book 3]\

    107-Exile[Legacy Of The Force Book 4]\

    109-Inferno[Legacy Of The Force Book 6]\

    110-Fury[Legacy Of The Force Book 7]\

    111-Revelation[Legacy Of The Force Book 8]\

    112-Invincible[Legacy Of The Force Book 9]\

    113-Millennium Falcon\

    114-Outcast[Fate Of The Jedi Book 1]\

    115-Omen[Fate Of The Jedi Book 2]\

    116-Abyss[Fate Of The Jedi Book 3]\


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